I have referred over 50 clients to Rick and his team at Benefit Tax Group. They do a great job of educating and creating a strategic plan that benefits each client's needs. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work!

- Erik Kaplan

THD Credit

I was so pleased to have Rick Yeager and associates assisting me with my IRS situation. Rick was a gem to work with, very caring and understanding, always there to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone in need. They gave me a piece of mind. Thanks for everything Benefit.

- Monica C


I have a credit repair company, and often credit repair and taxes go hand in hand. I have sent several clients to Rick and his team and there are several reasons I recommend Rick and his group over anyone else. Rick has performed literal miracles for clients of mine. One particular client was 14 days from closing on a house in a very tight market and had 70k levied out of their bank account. Rick had all 70k back to them within a week. Rick has been great about telling clients when they could handle things on their own. He's never taken advantage of anyone and I really appreciate that. I used to do forensic accounting, and I once had a client who hadn't paid taxes in 17 years. Not knowing any better, we went to a local CPA who was also a tax attorney and he suggested a plan and we did the plan and it was a nightmare. Liens, levies, a literal nightmare. Knowing what I know now, there is a big difference between someone who does taxes and someone who deals just with tax issues, and we would have had a much different outcome with Rick. If you need a cleaning, you go a dentist. If you need a root canal, you go to an endodontist. You want the specialist here, not the generalist.

- Cassie Price

Wealth Generation Collective

I’m so thankful I decided to move forward with Benefit Tax Group. They evaluated my case upfront and did everything they said they would do. I would recommend Benefit to anyone who is looking for an honest opinion of their options and a resolution they can count on.

- Tony C


I was so happy to be represented by Rick Yeager and his firm. They helped me get through the most toughest time in my life. We all know dealing with the IRS is very scary when it comes to an audit. I trust and believed in him and his crew and they came through for me. My audit came out in my favor and I recommended them to a friend of mine and he had nothing but great things to say about them. I place them on a highly recommendation list to anyone.

- David F


After spending WAY too much time stressing about delinquent taxes, a friend referred me to BTG. After the very first call I had with them, I was instantly relieved. More importantly, we had a plan. BTG helped me to work toward a resolution with the IRS that I could have never, ever have achieved on my own. I didn’t realize how much the stress was impacting all aspects of my life until I hired BTG, and I'm so grateful for how hard they worked for me.

- Marie W


Due to financial hardships, I had built up a federal tax debt that I saw no way of paying off on my own. The Benefit Tax Group not only helped me through all the red tape, got me an offer I could afford, but also did so with great patience and grace—making this stressful situation much easier to deal with. For this, I am very thankful.

- Mark H


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