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About Us

Benefit Tax Group (BTG) was started by industry veterans to serve the community by striving to protect taxpayer’s rights. The IRS and many states try to scare people into forfeiting their legal rights and they are constantly overstepping their authority. In all honesty, the taxing authorities are basically debt collectors but, because they work for the government, they somehow believe they are above the law. Well, that’s just not true and BTG would love to have the opportunity to prove it to you.

Tired of seeing how the industry treated clients and the general method-of-operation, BTG decided to do something about it by building a firm from one simple assurance: the client comes first!


Unlike a lot of firms that will quote a taxpayer a fee based off the amount they owe or how much they think they can get from a person, BTG does its discovery work and contacts the taxing authority to get all the details of a case before determining a flat-rate fee: this shields the client from having a company ask for more money at a later date (known as an up-sell). In addition to our price-safeguard process, BTG offers many flexible payment plans so that almost anyone can afford our protection and service.


Most of BTG’s clients are referrals, which should tell you something about its dedication to customer service. Please view our testimonial page: these are real cases and real people who had their lives changed by BTG.

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